Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Dr. John Dykstra <br> DVM photo

Dr. John Dykstra

Bio coming soon!

Dr. Elizabeth Swain <br> DVM photo

Dr. Elizabeth Swain

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Administration and Reception

Kathy Robertson <br> Office Manager photo

Kathy Robertson
Office Manager

Bio coming soon!

Tina Ferrell photo

Tina Ferrell

I am an avid animal lover. Big cats and Bully breeds are my favorite. I currently have 6 dogs, 2 cats, 3 bearded dragons and a Chamilion.

Patty Stultz photo

Patty Stultz

Bio coming soon!

Peggy Dickerson photo

Peggy Dickerson

Bio coming soon!

Morgan Hasting photo

Morgan Hasting

Bio coming soon!

Terri  Humphrey photo

Terri Humphrey

Bio coming soon!

Jamie Fleming photo

Jamie Fleming

Bio coming soon!


Ashley Armes photo

Ashley Armes

My name is Ashley Armes and in the picture is my fur child, Oscar Mayer. I have been working at ESVH for 1 year and I am also currently attending school for veterinary technology. Oscar Mayer is my best friend and the catalyst behind my love for animals and veterinary career choice.

Caitlyn  Hughes photo

Caitlyn Hughes

Bio coming soon!

Samantha  photo


Hi, I'm Samantha. This is my doggy Sadie. I work as a Veterinary Assistant and am going to school to become a Veterinary Technician. I have one other dog named Mya. My favorite breeds are Shih-Tzu and Golden Retriever. Come say hi at ESVH.  

Chelsea Allen photo

Chelsea Allen

Hello! I'm Chelsea. I've been employed at ESVH since 2011 as a receptionist/vet assistant. I have 5 dogs, Jasmine, Chloe, Rocky, Precious, and Baja; 3 cats Morcel, Sally, and Groot; and a ferret, Zilla; and the family is still growing! I love all animals, I take great pride in my work and I couldn't imagine doing anything else!

Jessica Marine  photo

Jessica Marine

I started ESVH in 2001 and cannot image doing anything else. Along the way I have been blessed with many great friendships involving our patients and their owners. I am currently owned by 6 dogs and 3 cats ( Lily, Stella, Humphrey, Dixie, Fenway, Potter, Ryder, Rucifer and Rookshanks).

Teo Andrade <br> Surgical Technician photo

Teo Andrade
Surgical Technician

Bio coming soon!

Kathy  Holcomb photo

Kathy Holcomb

Bio coming soon!

Monica Goana photo

Monica Goana

Bio coming soon!

Corey  Williams photo

Corey Williams

Bio coming soon!

Haley  Tallent photo

Haley Tallent

Bio coming soon!


Donnell Bynes photo

Donnell Bynes

Bio coming soon!

Debbie Long photo

Debbie Long

Bio coming soon!

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